Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Fever

So, I have my first final tomorrow morning. Instead of studying I:
-Got a pedicure. But, I did read through my Microbiology notes, which is somewhat productive.

-Took the Escalade to get washed because there was salt ALL over it from the unluxury snow yesterday. Gross.

-Went to Sonic, which is apparently the "Ultimate Drink Stop", to get a Diet Coke. Unfortunately we missed happy hour by like 20 minutes. Dang.

-Homeboyed it with Jac for a while.

-Now, I'll study for a little bit.

-Later, the Jazz play the Spurs in San Antonio. Yikes!

Jac said it is "cool" to do a video blog. So here is my first attempt.


Birdee said...

You are so "cool". I am too because I read your blog. Go KK!

Buck and Suzie said...

Wow! Love the video...

Buck and Suzie said...

PS. Sorry about the Jazz.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so how did you do on your test?

Jenn S. said...

Love the video blog - a blog a day I say!

Sorry about the jazz, we watched the first half before losing all hope - seriously though the Spurs were on fire, the jazz didn't have a chance.

KK *is* cute - good choice of crushing. But the socks? Seriously? Fug.

Please come watch Kate so that I can get a mani/pedi too. Or better yet - let's go together and switch off holding her.

Pedi + Coke + US Magazine = Perfection.