Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacqueline!!!!

It's Jacqueline's 19th Birthday today!!!! We went up and stayed at the Grand America and had a very luxury time. Here is a list of 19 reasons to love Jacqueline:

1. Homeboy Industries?? haha.
2. Happy Birthday Barbie!
3. When Jac was young she ALWAYS had a baba. And she had the nappiest hair, and a bugger nose. At least she had a good personality! Haha.
4. Jac had a very froggy voice when she was younger.
5. When we were in high school we would always go out to my car for lunch and just be away from the drama for 45 minutes. (I did this by myslef until Jac was in high school, and it was nice to have a lunch buddy.)
6. Helen and Anna Nicole. classic.
7. Jac will always tell me when my hair looks too "Utah Valley".
8. We do a lot of luxury things together everyday.
9. I like to go up to Jac's room and just sit there and bug her.
10. We have seen Michael Buble in concert twice.
11. We totally have a secret language. (ex: S.N. S.F. S.E. etc.)
12. Jac can pretty much make you laugh in any given situation.
13. She has one of the best laughs ever.
14. She goes through life thinking she is a Disney Princess.
15. She LOVES Disneyland. Seriously.
16. She finally got the dog that she has wanted her whole life.
17. We go to college together.
18. She is a whole lot of fun to be around.
19. She's my best friend and I'm really going to miss her this summer!


Amy said...

I loved her little raspy voice and she has the best laugh ever!!!

Jacqueline M said...

Thanks danilee that was really nice of you! Love you too!!

Peter said...

The Clippers would be just fine : )

Peter said...

Yeah for Danielle and her luxury blog. I say that you and I have the most luxury lives amongst all the cousins.