Sunday, April 6, 2008

Guess who I met???

So, last night for Jac's B-day we went to the CPK at the Gateway. And then we went to the movie theatre there and saw 21. It was pretty good, except for the lady that let her little kid run around the movie theatre with the light up shoes. Seriously people, don't take your baby to a movie and certainly don't let them walk around.

And then we were going down the escalator, it's around 10 pm and there's hardly anyone around. I see these 2 really tall guys walking out of CPK and headed in our direction. I takes me all of 3 seconds to realize that it's Morris Almond, who recently just called up to the Jazz from the D-league. So I tell Jac, Madison and Camille and they're like you should ask him to take a picture. I was like no, I don't want to bug him. But, they were like you'll regret it if you don't. So, I was like "Hi, I don't want to bug you or anything, but is it ok if I get a picture?" He was like, "We're nobody special, but yeah I'll take a picture." To which I responded "Yeah right, I saw you knock down that 3 the other night!" He was so humble and sweet and really down to earth. He was so nice and took a pic with me. He just kept saying he wasn't anyone special and I said thanks, and that he was great.

So, he definitely was really nice. I hope that the Jazz keep him around for awhile, because I think he is going to develop into a fantastic player. (If Jerry would let him off the bench more often.) So, thanks a lot Morris or Mo? Idk what to call him. You totally made my night.

He was soooo tall. And please disregard the fact that it was late and I had just come out of a movie theatre and look like a bum.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

your obsession with the jazz scares me;0)

Birdee said...

Sounds like someone has a new crush! As he should because you're still gorgeous coming out of a late night movie! I'm so proud of you!