Monday, September 22, 2008

I wonder if Alex could play drums for Jesus?

Oh how I miss Californ-i-a already.  When I am a rich orthodontist I will live there for sure.  We got a lot done in the week we were there.  If I had a private plane I would go down every weekend.  So here's what we did:
Leave it to Camille to find the 'Bentley-Rolls Royce' golf cart at the Swap Meet.  

Haydan practiced her driving skills.  Note her new purse.  I saw it and it matched her room so I got it for her.  Now, she takes it with her everywhere she goes.  Inside she has:  a wallet with $8.25, pink lipgloss, and a digital camera.  I've taught her well.

Gavin is a Rockstar.  'I will say...'

Mr. Kid

Haydan and Bronte had a sleep-over.  In the morning we had a doughnie party and many pics were taken.

Camille really needed to put her feet in the water so we went down to Seal Beach.

After the Swap we went down to Huntington Beach.

We ate at 'El Ranchito' not to be confused with 'Mi Ranchito' here in Orem.

Shacklin and I went to Disneyland one day.  She 'signed me in'.  That's a perk for having a sister that works at Disneyland.

This young man didn't let the fact that he wasn't wearing any pants get in the way of helping his grandfather bring the trash cans in.

Poor Camille LaVona only got to stay for the first weekend.  I was so sad, because I love my 'little' Camilley.

Gavin Basker discovered the art of the self-portrait and always asked to have my camera.  I have like 50 of these pics and they all look the same.  What a funny lil' fella.

Bernic let Camille pull out her first loose tooth.  She wasn't even afraid.

This fine young gentleman spent the majority of the trip being 'over to me'.

Of course, there were many a photo shoot.

Jacqueline came down to attend the 'Mouse-cars', which is like the Oscars for Disneyland.  I was very surprised that she didn't win employee of the year.  She did however look very x-exy in this hot little number.  I did her make up, luckily.

One day X-tina and I went to the library in Cabazon to 'read for the blind'.  Little did we know that there happened to be an outlet mall there with a Dooney & Bourke store.  We were so surprised.  Luckily we both had our Amex's and so we were able to make some great purchases!

(I already had this purse, but I just bought the matching wallet.)

Haydan Olivia finally wiggled her upper laterals out.

A 'luxury' palm tree.

Don't ask.

Gavin Basker and I took a leiserly nap in the backyard on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday was 'Purple day'.  All of us ended up wearing purple accidentally.  Bronte may have been dressed up like a 'little British girl', accent and all.

We had such a good trip!  I am so sad to be home.  I miss my daily life coaching sessions and my nurse Florence Nightingale.  Hopefully I'll be back soon!


Paige said...

I have eaten at that El Ranchito in Huntington! Emily (you remember her??) lives right around the corner. I heart So. Cal, too.

Jackie said...

That is by far the longest blog you have ever blogged!

Looks like you all had a blast!

Did Jac win anything??

Peter said...

Looks like you had a great time. You have been to my house more this year than I have. But I'll see you around Halloween time. Loved the pics.

Jacqueline M said...

oh my gosh GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE....(follow me to the bathroom) I love chrissssssssssssssssssssssssy