Sunday, September 7, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things.

Clean, green, and X-tina approved.

Just the song, "Make You Feel My Love".
Adele also has a good version here.

It really does calm me down and help me sleep.

Put it on before you blow-dry to avoid those pesky 'fly-aways'.

A great wake-up call in the a.m.

This is so yummy.  And, just a few spritz' makes your room smell great for hours.

How could I not love this?  Pink. Cotton Candy.  Lip gloss.

It smells like a lovely Fall day.

My new fav thing from our friends at Costco.

Energy for when I wake up at 5 a.m.

Stress relief lotion.  Yeah, it's luxury.

What post would be complete without my all time favorite thing?


Jenn S. said...

Wait, what is that green thing? I can't tell . . .

chrissi said...

I also love the pillow spray I have used it since I was very first married! I will go buy the lotion and shampoo today. Do I need any clothes from the Boutique?

Jackie said...

I would love some of that tea tree shampoo! It looks awesome. Where did you get it?

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i haven't seen that soup, yet...i'll have to look for it next time. love tomato soup. and love that you had a pic of your boyfriend at the end;0)

got my new d&b purse...not as bad as i was afraid it was going to be. i'm not a fan...tom was surprised that i said i'd keep it, instead of sell it off. now, i can be luxury too, if only because of my purse.

Amy said...

I am a lover of Bath and Body Work!!! Just know that if I were in Utah throwing a Twilight party you would be at the top of my to-be-invited list!!! Maybe you could throw one of your it luxury enough or too nerdy?

Makr said...

OH HEY, looks like a pretty complete list...uh, wait, why isn't there picture of ME?

Jacqueline M said...

Um FYI that Green Apple DKNY perfume is MINE and YOU stole it...I want it back ASAP!!!