Monday, September 8, 2008

Per Your Request

Dear L.C.
Here is the picture of my new sweater and shoes.  I hope that I am complying so that I will not be fired as one of you clients.  I think that we need to go to our fav little boutique on Friday afternoon.  

And Jenn Jenn,
The green thing is 'Be Delicious' parfume by DKNY.  It's very fancy.


Grandma Holly said...

I love the new sweater and shoes. Adorable. You always look and dress nice.

Jackie said...

Can you be my personal maternity shopper? I want to look cute! lol

I really like the sweater, and the shoes, although I don't think I'd ever pick it our for myself, but I'd wear it. Make sense? lol

My mom asked what the DKNY was too. I don't think anyone got it =/

Jacqueline M said...

Give me my perfume back...I think it illegal to blog about stolen items!

The Pendletons said...

Where is a reply to me asking what your lip gloss is? What is your favorite boutique?

chrissi said...

cute! Haven't seen it at my boutique. Bought the shampoo and cond. today. See you in 3 days