Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh La La.

So, I was reading my fav Jazz blog today, and I happened to stumble upon this little gem.  Needless to say it totally made my day (week, month...)!  Now, I only wish I was smart enough to figure out how to make the pic my desktop on my Mac, I did it on my laptop, but my Mac doesn't have a right-click button!  Whatever.

Also, if any of ya'll have a luxury Mac (Amy), then we should totally iChat sometime.  Fancy.

Also, X-tina, next week can we please go to the luxury D&B outlet??  I know we say we are always going to go, but this time we really should.  Ok, call me.


Amy said...

Okay, we totally didn't think our mouse had a right click either. Ian was really getting frustrated and knew it couldn't be right so he did some research and it totally does. You have two options...completely take you fingers off of your mouse and then right click. It has a sensor in it that if feels your left finger on it, it won't right click. If you can't get that to and hold 'control' and then left click. I hope this works for you because I know it's not fun when you can't right click...and we will totally have to ichat sometime!!

chrissi said...

yes, yes, yes i'm so excited your coming yeah for meeeeeeee!

Basketball John said...

Thanks Danielle. I have an idea that I want you and Moni to work on for SLCDunk. I'll email you.