Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Official!

So, I got my diploma in the mail today.  I immediately ran down to the bookstore to buy a luxury frame for it.  I really considered hanging it in the entry of the house, but thought that might be a little much.  It is now hanging in my room so I can see it everyday.  I blurred out my last name for security purposes.  Haha.  It's amazing that a simple piece of cardboard paper can make me feel so good about myself.  OH, and please note the extra "Cum Laude" sticker.  That means with Honors.  Highly luxury.  hahahaha.


Birdee said...

WAY TO GO DANIELLE LIANE ---------!!!! One day I hope to be all graduated and official like you are! :D

Jackie said...


Amazing how a piece of paper can look so pretty!!!!

Makr said...'s very shiny!!