Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So far only 4 people have asked questions. The rest of you are on my list. (Ok, you can be on my list again if you participate in this.)

My answers are BOLDED.

Shacklyn asked:
#1: what is your favorite thing about me? The fact that I boss you around and you let me
#2: If you had to choose between matching P.J.s and sprinkels which one would you pick? Matching P.J.'s - it is important to look professional at all times.
#3: What is better Gossip Girls or Real Housewives? I only really like the New Jersey Housewives. I love me some Nate Archibald though.
#4: Who was ur first crush? Tough. Like real life or celebrity? Real life: probably Z.E. or P.J. in high school (and no I will not type out the names). Celebrity: Justin Timberlake
#5: If you could be anyone from any Disney movie who would you be? I assume you mean cartoon movie. I'd want to be the Little Mermaid mainly because I wish I could wear a purple bikini top everyday.
#6: If you could work on any Disneyland Attraction what would it be and why? The horse-drawn carriage in the front, so that I could pretend I was wish Ginger all day long. HAHAHA.

My fab cousin Amy asked:
1. What is the one cosmetic that you cannot live without? Urban Decay's Primer Potion (here). I seriously won't put on eyeshadow without it. It's a little pricey for a 'base' but I can make one tube last 6 months. I'm special.
2. What is the favorite thing about your job? Transforming people's smiles. Seriously, it's amazing some of the things we do.
3. What destination do you want to visit, but haven't yet? Paris.
4. Current fav outfit? (Pictures please!) My wardrobe is currently in a bit of a funk. I feel like I wear the same thing everyday (wait, I do). When I'm not wearing scrubs I try to be cute, but lately I've really been struggling. I'll work on this and post a pic soon.
5. Fav holiday and why? Maybe include a fav memory or two. This might seem weird but I'm at a stage in life where I'm not really into holidays (bad, I know). But, I still love Christmas. I love how my mom gets the house decorated all fancy and mainly I love listening to my Donny Osmond Christmas cd. Haha.
6. What is the best thing that you cook or bake? Um, I make a really good German Chocolate cake. Luckily Betty Crocker helps me out!
7. How many handbags do you really own? Personally, I have 10 D&B's (no other brands).

My life coach asked:
1. paper or plastic? Neither. I'd rather go naked than hurt the environment. Haha.
2. soup or salad? Soup- Rumbi's, Salad- Cafe Rio
3. cookies or milk? Is this a trick question?
4. slooshies or diet coke? Both please.
5. me or Jenn Jenn? No comment.

Elayna (aka 'The Bird') asked:
1. What is your favorite, pink, item of clothing? Hum, very hard. I love anything and everything pink. I have been known to wear an entirely pink ensemble.
2. Do you have a favorite DB purse? Probably my pink one in this post. I really love it, but I am so afraid that I am going to get it dirty and ruin it so I hardly ever use it. (Issues, I know!)
3. What finger do you like to wear rings on, and what is the ring size? If I'm up at The BYU I wear it on my ring finger on my left hand. Any other time I wear rings on my right hand ring finger. I have between a 5 1/2 to a 6 ring size. (I have small fingers, why can't my butt be that small?)
4. Favorite thing from Chili's? Chips & Salsa. Yum.
5. What day does the Basketball season start? ;) Today!!! (I'm watching while typing.)
6. How do you like your new room (since you've moved upstairs)? I really like it because it is pink. I very much do not like that I am sharing a bathroom with my teenage sisters.

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