Saturday, October 17, 2009


-I plan on listening to a lot of Beyonce.
-I'm going to change my purse. Again.
-I will do some organizing in my room.
-I'll paint my toenails. I'm thinking purple. Thoughts?
-I'll watch the BYU game with my Dad.
-I'll ask Jacqueline if 'The Italian' added her on Facebook. I'll do this every hour.
-I'll try to stay off of Twitter because I divulge way too much information on there.
-I'll wish that the Jazz pre-season game against the Clippers was on t.v.
-I'll watch the Angles game and text Peter.
-I'll worry about things at work, even though it's a Saturday.
-I'll read my Jen Lancaster book. So, so funny.
-I'll tell my dad how to play a video game that we're trying to beat. It's a team effort.
-I'll try not to over-analyze things. Ha.

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