Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dani-lee 101

So, I have this good idea for my bog to help me connect better with my readers (all 5 of you). I ran the idea past Lady Gaga (aka Shacklyn) and she agreed that it was indeed a good idea.

So, I thought that I would open up my blog to let you ask me questions. Nothing is off limits (ok, maybe somethings) so you can pretty much ask everything you've ever wanted to know about yours truly. You can even ask the questions anonymously if you're afraid.

Shacklyn-you had better ask me a question, or else I'm over to you.


Jacqueline M said...

Question #1: what is your favorite thing about me?
#2: If you had to choose between matching P.J.s and sprinkels which one would you pick?
#3: What is better Gossip Girls or Real Housewives?
#4: Who was ur first crush?
#5: If you could be anyone from any Disney movie who would you be?
#6: If you could work on any Disneyland Attraction what would it be and why?
Love shlacklyn. Now you cant be over to me.
Ps. There are noises coming from the side door and its 12:37 at could be a demon or worse G.kitty.

Amy said...

Jacgueline already took one of mine so be sure to answer her #4!
1. What is the one cosmetic that you cannot live without?
2. What is the favorite thing about your job?
3. What destination do you want to visit, but haven't yet?
4. Current fav outfit? (Pictures please!)
5. Fav holiday and why? Maybe include a fav memory or two.
6. What is the best thing that you cook or bake?
7. How many handbags do you really own?

chrissi said...

1. paper or plastic?
2. soup or salad?
3. cookies or milk?
4. slooshies or diet coke?
5. me or Jenn Jenn?

Elayna said...

Can I just tell you how much I love that you are responding to posts!

1. What is your favorite, pink, item of clothing?
2. Do you have a favorite DB purse?
3. What finger do you like to wear rings on, and what is the ring size?
4. Favorite thing from Chili's?
5. What day does the Basketball season start? ;)
6. How do you like your new room (since you've moved upstairs)?

There are so many more. Let's go to lunch soon, eh?! :)