Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm a little early...

But I can't stop listening to Christmas music. It's cold outside so I think it's perfectly appropriate. My favorite Christmas album is from Mr. Osmond himself. (Don't be thinking I'm weird, because quite a few people I know agree with me.) Seriously, it's good. I would burn you a copy and send it to you, but something is wrong with my computer and I can't burn cd's anymore. Whatever.

Anyway, my favorite song on the album is 'Mary, Did You Know?'. I like to sing along with it. Usually when I'm by myself driving to work at the crack of dawn. Onetime I was taking Jacqueline to the airport really early and I turned it on and serenaded her. I know she loved it.

So, last week, Jacqueline was having a hard time waking up (it was well past noon), and so I went down and turned on her iPod to this song and started performing for her. Something about the magic of my voice woke her from her deep slumbers and helped her prepare to start her day. She then told me I was crazy. Whatever to her.

*Please note that I 'really' can't sing. Like, really.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i love "mary, did you know?", definitely one of my faves...but i am so not ready for christmas...gotta get through big dude's b-day on the 29th.

Jacqueline M said...

i really enjoyed this post. i LOLed