Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Sweet 16, Camilley!

I can't believe that my baby sister is turning 16! I remember when we brought Camilley home from the hospital. We hadn't had a baby at our house for such a long time, and it was so much fun having our own baby doll around. Camille is probably my best friend. We get along like two peas in a pod.

Here are 16 reason why I love Camille:
1. Her nickname is Cameo. Awesome.
2. She's gorgeous. Seriously, the girl has flawless skin, perfectly shaped brows, and long California girl hair.
3. She steals my stuff, but I know that it just means I've taught her to have good taste.
4. She's awkward.
5. She is 'always' willing to go with you.
6. She will always help me with my hair.
7. I can pretty much bribe her to do anything by letting her use my stuff.
8. She's very artistic and has a good eye for style.
9. She is great with kids.
10. She is very helpful and is always willing to lend a hand.
11. She's always up for a photoshoot.
12. She cried when she saw Edward come on the screen the first time that she saw Twilight.
13. She is very even tempered and doesn't get upset very easily.
14. I often come home and find her napping in my bed. Oh, Cameo.
15. Homegirl can sing. Like, really sing. She's got some pipes.
16. She's just a really nice girl. I think that everyone one that knows her would agree that she is just a joy to be around.

I love you, Camilley.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

awww! happy birthday from all of us!! i want a baby sister now. and she is gorgeous!! cute pic! love to you all!

Jacqueline M said...

this was cute. job well done

Camille said...

thank you!!!! that was precious, like seriously good. i love you too danielley!! thanks for making my birthday really really REALLY great!

Jenn S. said...

Happy Birthday Ca leel!

Elayna said...

Happy birthday Camille! She is just gorgeous. I'm a tad jealous. Now that she's 16, those boys can take her out!