Sunday, October 4, 2009

This put a smile on my face.

I think he is absolutely adorable. Like I go weak in the knees just looking at him. Luckily his new cd comes out next Tuesday, October 13. I'm so there to buy it, it's insane. (Shacklyn, what movie is this from?)


Elayna said...

OMG!!! LOVE this song! I still think you need to introduce your self to Mr. Buble! Although, I like the Promo video MUCH better. He wasn't dancing with some skank on top of the freezer and having PDA on beds in the aisles of the grocery stores. Awkward.

Besides you're much prettier, and you'd be more happy to be with Mr. Buble than she seemed to be.

Danielle said...

I totally agree that I like the promo video better. Also, I am sad that that is the new GF. I liked Emily Blunt much better. But I think that her and 'Jim' make a good couple as well.

Jacqueline M said...

its from shes the man

Elayna said...

WHA?! When did you start replying to comments?! (I'm not complaining at all!)

Are you saying that skank is is girrlfriend? You can't be serious. Who is that? I like Emily Blunt much better too. She and 'Jim' are cute.